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In the Vineyard

The vineyard requires daily attention to ensure that the grapes are perfectly healthy and beautiful: Laurent and his eldest son Maxime (the 3rd generation) work tirelessly in the vineyard every day regardless of the weather.

Daily attention to reap beautiful and healthy grapes at harvest

Pruning: This high-precision manual task is essential to ensure excellent harvest quality. It generally starts once the leaves have fallen and finishes at the end of March. Pruning helps keep the vines manageable and productive.

Tying: This manual task takes place in April, immediately after pruning. It involves passing the vine shoots on both sides of the wire and tying them with a paper or biodegradable tie.

Disbudding: Manual task which consists of removing the buds which will not bear any fruit, thus making it easier for the sap to feed the main buds. (Beginning of May)

Lifting and trellising: Manual task which consists of lifting the wires so that the shoots reach a height of about 50 cm. During the trellising period (in June), the winegrower will patiently separate the intermingled shoots and keep them apart by using a clip. This will allow the developing bunch of grapes to absorb sunlight and optimise aeration to prevent rotting.

Trimming: This semi-manual and semi-mechanical (in July) work consists of cutting and removing the tops of the foliage to facilitate grape ripening.

Harvesting: The long-awaited moment. Grape picking is a fully manual process. Bunches must reach the winepress intact and in an excellent hygienic state.

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